I put an emphasis on building a championship mindset in the way that we train through a culture of expecting excellence from yourself, killing entitlement, thwarting the acceptance of mediocrity, welcoming and embracing competition, the advocation of punctuality, communication, and accountability.

Furthermore, one of the most important concepts in sports for athletes is self-confidence. Arguably the most excellent way to build self-confidence as an athlete is to know that you are physically prepared to play the game. As an athlete, this physical preparation breeds confidence within yourself and how you expect yourself to perform—knowing that you have done everything you can to prepare to be at your best helps to bring the self-confidence that you can and will perform at the highest level, and it maximizes mental readiness, resolve, and the vigor to compete.  

The goal is to create a training culture and environment where intrinsic motivation can be cultivated within the athlete. Often, I do this by allowing the athlete to set goals and discussing what is necessary for the athlete through our training to reach these goals. Many times, the most immediate change in the athletes that I train comes within their mindset and their self-confidence, which invariably catalyzes physical improvement as we progress through the training prescription.