I can’t say enough positive things about Lucas and the impact he has had on our 14 year old son. He plays football and lacrosse and was looking to improve his speed and agility on the field. In only 10 sessions with Lucas, we noticed a huge improvement in all aspects of his physical conditioning. The evidence is apparent on the football field as he is now able to make plays that he has never made before. His confidence has increased so dramatically in such a short period of time. We are sure there will be similar results on the lacrosse field.

Each training session is very structured and organized. Lucas has a variety of different equipment that he uses and no two workouts are exactly the same; he packs a great deal into one hour of training. He does not allow any shortcuts and all exercises/repetitions must be done correctly or they have to start over. He demands maximum effort at all times, but always does it in a way that is sincere and caring.

While the physical training is excellent, I believe the most positive impact is the one Lucas had on our son just from being around him. He is so positive and energetic and his attitude is infectious. He commands the respect of kids because they know he truly cares about them and wants nothing more than to see them become the best athlete they can be. He is passionate about what he does and that comes through in every interaction with the kids and parents. He knows how to motivate kids to do more than they think they can do. He is truly a mentor to my son.

I can recommend Lucas highly to any parent that is looking to help their young athlete achieve their maximum potential.
— Eric and Jo, Parents of a Football and Lacrosse Athlete

Without a doubt, Lucas has taken our son to the next level in terms of attitude, strength, and athleticism. Lucas has worked with our son over the course of several months (middle of track season) and was able to produce amazing results both physically and mentally.

During the course of a track season, athletes can hit a wall where progress becomes stagnant; our son was hitting this wall before we came in contact with Lucas. After a few sessions with Lucas, that wall started to crumble. ALL of his competition numbers increased and continued to improve at a higher rate than his teammates. We also saw major improvements in his confidence, body posture, mechanics, and overall athleticism in all sports.

In regards to the sessions, each one was planned/prepared prior to our time slot and began/ended promptly. Lucas tracked our son’s progress through periodic testing and reviewed the results with us so we could see the areas he improved.

On a personal level, Lucas is always full of positive energy and shows great passion for his work. He knows how to motivate (not yell, truly motivate) kids while building confidence in their effort and abilities. As parents, we are extremely satisfied with the results of our son training with Lucas. We strongly recommend and encourage other families to give Lucas the opportunity to show them what he can do for their young athletes.
— Q. Edwards, Father of T&F, Football, Basketball Athlete

I cannot rave enough about Lucas Quinn! Over the past 9 months, Lucas has trained my
son throughout the football off-season. During this time, I have watched my son’s numbers
substantially improve in the following areas: 10 yard, 20 yard, and 40 yard sprints; Pro Agility
Drill; L Drill; Broad Jump; and Vertical Jump.

Thanks to Lucas, my son has gone from being a competitive running back within his
division and league to being hand over fist one of the most technically sound and skilled backs
in the league. Since training with Lucas, my son has made vast improvements in his on field
play, including his agility, cutting ability, catching, breakaway speed, stamina, and mental

Lucas operates a well-organized program, encompassing both proven and cutting edge
methods and equipment with training regimens custom tailored to my son’s specific needs. His
initial assessment sets the baseline for an athlete and through quarterly assessments, parents,
athletes, and coaches are able to track progress with tangible numbers allowing him to
continuously set obtainable goals for his clients.

What separates Lucas from the others, and makes him a great trainer is the fact that he
cares about each of his athletes, and he relates to them on a personal level, which gives him the
ability to find that key motivational tool for each athlete.

Both my wife and I are extremely pleased with our son’s progression from training with
Lucas, and highly recommend him to anyone seeking tangible results for themselves or their
— J. Maxwell, Father of a HS Football Athlete

I can’t tell you enough how you have impacted Zan not only athletically, but also with his confidence and his desire to get better. What Bea and I wish you could see are all the things that Zan takes away from your training sessions...the hard-work and perseverance spills into his schoolwork and just his overall attitude. As parents, there’s no greater joy than watching your children blossom. We have you to thank for that.

Zander has grown so much during these past eight months with you both athletically and mentally. We are forever grateful for the time you spent with him and the energy you’ve put into him. You were always such a positive and encouraging coach and a role model that he looks up to.
— David and Bianca, Parents of Basketball, T&F Athlete

Signing our son Eli up for training with Lucas has proven to be one of the most beneficial decisions we have made for him. Not only has his endurance and strength immensely improved, but his attitude and positivity towards exercising is unmatchable.

At only 10 years old, Eli has been physically challenged and pushed mentally each session. Lucas makes every hour fun and enjoyable, leading the results to be even better. He is a motivational trainer that truly inspires kids and improves their confidence simultaneously. His passion and positive attitude reflects on the kids. Incorporating running, drills, balance, static exercises and much more leads our child to be very well rounded in all physical endeavors.

Lucas notices each individual, even in a group setting, and targets their personal goals. Our child is also a swimmer and greatly benefits from the extra hours he spends training out of the water. He leaves each session with a smile, more energy, and a sense of fulfillment. Lucas is the best!
— Lena and Joe, Parents of a 10 Year Old Athlete

Anyone who’s looking for some one-on-one speed and agility coaching, here’s your guy. My kids have been coached by Lucas now for a month and they’re seeing results, and everyone I know whose kids have been coached by Lucas are likewise seeing a meaningful pickup in agility. He came highly recommended and is a terrific all-around guy. Give him a call if you’re interested.
— Jim, Father of Lacrosse Athletes

My son’s name is Shane Bodden. He’s 11 years old. He’s been training with Lucas Quinn at Lightning Quick for about 9 months. He plays basketball, football, and baseball—he was in the back of the pack; after about 6 months training with Lucas, he was in the middle of the pack.

Now he’s in his ninth month training with Lucas, and he just got tested on his baseball team. Among all the players, he tested 2nd or 3rd in every category. Now he’s literally in the front of the pack. That’s after about 9 months training with Lucas. So, I fully support what Lucas is doing—I’ve seen great results and I can pretty much guarantee that if you allow him to train your son through LQ training you will definitely see some great results also!
— Matt, Father of Basketball, Football, Baseball Athlete

My son is 12 years old. He plays both soccer and basketball at the club level. One of the biggest criticisms that he has received from his coaches was that he is not fast enough. We were not really sure how to help him. I talked with several trainers and they recommended that he run more. As you can imagine, that was not too appealing to him.

He has been working with Lucas for about a month or so now and he loves it. In such a short time, Nicholas has made so much progress. Before he started working with Lucas, his best mile time at school was 7:32. Now he runs it in 7:07. Nicholas has become lighter on his feet, learned proper running form, and learned the importance of stretching every day.

Lucas has a gift for working with young athletes. He truly cares for these athletes and wants them to be the best they can be. He pushes him to work hard and praises him along the way. I am so happy that we were introduced to Lucas. He is such a positive role model for my son. He truly loves what he does, and it shows each week. Nicholas is excited to continue his journey with Lucas!
— Monay, Mother of Soccer, Basketball Athlete

Two years back, my son and his two friends started training with Lucas to develop their basketball moves, skills, and stamina for their high school team. I loved to sit and watch Lucas run the boys through their rigorous routines—it got my adrenaline up and I always wanted to join in. Lucas said he was ready when I was and that I could jump in any time—so I did! I am a 55-year-old male that has been training with Lucas for just over a year now.

Working out and staying active has always been an important part of my life; I have no intention of growing old gracefully! I work out at a traditional gym several times a week where I do heavy lifting. But, I will be the first to say what a huge difference I have seen in myself since I started with LQ. Lucas’ knowledge, approach, and implementation are different than what I’ve experienced with other trainers or programs. For example, custom programs often change mid-stream! In my experience, here are some key points of emphasis:

-More “useful” strength and stamina (Not just strong in one direction or motion – but through the entire range)
-Self-confidence and hands-on instruction
-Custom workouts that adjust to my needs, complementing my gym workouts.
-A personal interest in my success and accomplishments.
-Flexible and innovative ideas—no two workouts are the same!
-Custom programs for women and young adults.

I am more fit and stronger than I have been in years. I have worked out my entire life, but I’ve received nothing but very positive comments from friends, gym mates, and co-workers since I’ve been with LQ. Gyms promise, Lucas delivers.
— Steve, 55 Year Old Adult Male Client

I would highly recommend training with Lucas. My son has gotten noticeably faster after just a few sessions. Alec says the workout is difficult, but fun. Lucas is always on time, friendly, and professional.
— Denise, Mother of Basketball Athlete

I have been training with Lucas for about 3 months and have seen incredible results. I have become a better athlete overall. Lucas always pushes you to give only your best effort. He also is very knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about. Lucas creates a great workout environment and I believe can help anyone who wants to better reach their goals!
— Jeremy, Westlake HS Lacrosse Player

I had never tried training like this before, and I was trying to set myself up the best way that I could for my upcoming season. Best decision I’ve made and by far the best year of football that I’ve had. I got faster, more aggressive, quick on my toes, and most importantly improved my mindset. Lucas showed up to training every week with something new in store to better develop my skills and muscles for the season. The workouts gave me that edge factor throughout my season. Lucas is great and will delve deep and release the potential to make you the best you can be. I highly recommend training with him!
— Chase, Moorpark HS Football Player

Working with Lucas this past summer has been a great learning experience. Whether it’s training in the 100 degree sun or even in the cold rain, he will still bring his A game to you and spill his knowledge. He taught me how to become faster, more agile, and how to build a stronger core.

He taught me that if you want something in life you have to work for it. Days when I know I had training with Lucas were days of pain. Pain that is healthy for you and your body to achieve more. He has helped me gain speed, balance, endurance, and knowledge. Knowledge on how to be a better athlete and a better person.

Without Lucas and his help, I would not have achieved all that I did during my Junior season of football. He has been nothing but a blessing and a great mentor/coach. Lightning Quick Speed Training has definitely earned the name.
— Julian, Moorpark HS Football Player

Can’t say enough great things about LQ Speed Training and Lucas. My son has significantly improved his agility in just a few sessions—even his coach noticed.
— Claire, Mother of Baseball Athlete

This guy is the best! If you’re looking to train, he is always on time, accountable, professional, and super nice!
— Lacey, Mother of Football Athlete

Lucas trains athletes throughout the Conejo Valley and Ventura County, including Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Moorpark, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard, Newbury Park, and Los Angeles.