Team Training

Comprehensive team training for improved performance of the following physical characteristics:

  • Linear Speed Development (both Acceleration & Top-End Speed [MaxVelocity])

  • Sport-Specific Agility, Change of Direction, & Multi-Directional Speed

  • Movement and Biomechanical Efficiency Development

  • Strength, Power, Work Capacity, & Explosiveness (Resistance Training & Plyometric Training—Rate of Force Development)

  • Functional Core/Trunk Strength & Stability (Anti-Rotation/Anti-Extension/Anti-Lateral Flexion)

  • Joint Mobility

  • Appropriate & Sport-Specific Conditioning

  • Develop Hard-Working, Mentally & Physically Tough Teams

  • Cultivate Team Culture & Chemistry of Accountability, Consistency, & a Relentless Work Ethic

Each player is evaluated in the following Performance metrics:

  • Vertical Jump (Flight Time in inches or Standing Vertical Reach)

  • Broad Jump

  • 40-Yard Sprint (20-Yard Sprint depending on the Sport)

  • Change of Direction/Lateral Movement (tests vary)

Testing will allow for the measurement of improvement garnered through training. Players that attend every training session will be tested at the end of the training program.

References of other Teams that have worked/currently work with LQSP available upon request from Head Coach or President of Organization. Pricing options available for negotiation depending on what is best/most convenient for the Team.